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Welcome to Sinister

We are a fun and friendly guild dedicated to making the game enjoyable no matter your level. Allaya is the guild master and Elreka is the Co-GM. They are supported by officers Elumina, Dasjager and Orgris. Whether you're looking to get that awesome "old world" achievement, PvP, leveling, raiding or just dying to get the new Cata gear, we've got you covered. 

Sinister has bank tabs separated for leveling members and raiding members as well as vent. We are a relaxed guild because we don't tolerate drama, ninjas, or trolls. Play nice, show up when you sign up, help out your fellow guildies, and you'll have a nice place to call your guild home. 

If you are interested in joining, please see the forums for a guild application. We are an adult only guild, so no one under 18 need apply. Upon acceptance, you will become an initiate. After two weeks, your rank will automatically become member and you will have an opportunity to apply for the raid team.
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Guild Recruitment

Allaya Of The Nightfall, May 16, 11 1:25 PM.
        We have been blessed with wonderful leveling members but are still in need of a solid core raiding team. We are especially looking for Hunters, Warriors and Paladins to fill our team. Raids are every Friday and Saturday beginning at 4:30 server and last approximately 3 hours. Please see the raid team note below for more information about our raid team. Our goal is to complete the remaining bosses in the old Cata raids and begin the FL Trash/Shannox fight on Friday, September 2nd. which several of us have already completed. BH is a weekly guild run and we do our best to see that it is completed on Tuesday assuming we have TB controlled. Because of the unpredictable nature of that Raid it will not usually be listed on our calender. 
        Other than the new content there are still many raids that levelers and maxed level toons are interested in and we would like to make time for these on a weekly basis. If there is a particular raid you would like to see run in guild please let an officer know.

Raid team information:

Before receiving an official spot on the raid team players are required to attend 3 raids for which they have signed up for, arrive on time and prepared and stay for the duration of the raid. You will remain on the raid team unless you begin to not show up for raids you sign up for, leave early or become an overall detriment to the raid team.

All raiders are required to look up their characters on www.askmrrobot.com and use the gem/chant/forge recommendations listed unless there is a significant reason to stray from this sites advice. Should you need money to make proper adjustments the GM's would be happy to assist you.

Cauldrons and food are provided for the duration of the raid however if there is something unique that you will need for raid it is your responsibility to provide said items and have them ready before the group is formed. As an official raid member you will also have access to guild repairs.

For any raid we do not have at least 8 guild members attending we will pug additional players and move from the scheduled event to Firelands Trash.

Raiders are expected to be online 30 minutes prior to raid. This is the only way I can get an accurate head count and will know what roles I need to fill. If you can't do this please find a way to let a raid leader know whether or not you will be able to attend.

Most importantly you are expected as a raider to watch available videos and be familiar with your role in the raid regardless of your experience. Successful raiding is a team effort and being aware of your responsibilities makes the jobs of the raid leaders easier, cuts down on unnecessary wipes and contributes to a positive raid experience which is our ultimate goal. If it isn't fun, challenging and rewarding it isn't worth doing!

Check us out as we progress!

Allaya Of The Nightfall, Apr 12, 11 1:07 PM.
Visit our guild at www.wowprogress.com
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Bladefist (PvE)
Sinister is currently recruiting all classes but is especially looking for members to fill our second raid team.
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